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Pour toute publication en langues étrangères, je m'excuse à l'avance pour les fautes...

Et un jour peut-être écrirai-je quelque chose de moins triste, un jour...

Without title

The sky cries with my hart

Back the smile on my face

Hear the sound of the rain

As the blues which flows in my blood

This melancholia, which bring the darkness

As a poison for happiness

As a ring which reminds you that you are still so alone,

That your life is still so strange, without sense,

As a ring which reminds you that the more you look for the light,

The more it seems to be out of way.

But the light keep to encourage you to fight

As a new beginning, as a new breath,

That nothing can stop, which cannot totally disappear

And which says to you that everything can still happen,

That it's not the time to desperate,

That losing hope is not a solution.


(par Annabelle)

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